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Sworn advocate Catherine Barere


✓ divorce case – the care and determination of communication of the parents with children, advice on alimony, including alimony for the proper welfare of the ex-spouse, division of property acquired during cohabitation, drafting an agreement out of court divorce;

✓ administrative affairs (fines, etc.), making statements of administrative process – challenging administrative acts, and actual actions of institutions, the statement of claim in the Administrative Court;

✓ consultation in matters of inheritance – a legitimate, on the basis of the will, the legal order of succession, waiver of inheritance, division of the inheritance among the heirs and other issues;

✓ advice on criminal matters, as well as protection during the pre-trial investigation and during trial, representing the interests of victims in criminal proceedings, preparation of applications demand compensation;

✓ advice on the contractual relationship – and changes in drafting lease agreements, purchase, gift, care, borrowing, and other supplies;

✓ drafting various agreements, explanatory, claims and other legal documents for submission to the court;

✓ services to corporate clients – drawing up contracts, claims, legal resolution of situations of economic activity of enterprises.